The ILUUM HECT System theses are a collection of nordic walking related knowledge, theories and opinions, which the ILUUM Team has gathered with over 20 years of collective experience in the nordic walking field and integrated into our products, product development and publicity.

Def. thesis - an idea, opinion or theory that is used to explain something (Macmillan Dictionary online, 2017)


Thesis no.1 "The beauty of nordic walking stands in the bodily limitations set by our biomechanics, in other words you can only walk so fast before you start running. Every body is different, every body's speed is different. But just as you can equip a sailboat with a sail too big for it, can a person use poles too long and overburdening or too short and posture deforming. The HECT system uniqueness is in its adaptability, its user derived design process ensures its fit with our customer's biomechanics."

Thesis no.2 "Incorrect performance, especially sport performance can be compared to a wave washing onto a cliff, where the ocean is the performance and the cliff our body. A wave or two, even a hundred won't have a significant impact, but as the years pass the cliff surely gets steeper until it finally collapses into the ocean. Similarly, our body is slowly, but consistently worn by any unnatural movement caused by unfitting equipment. The HECT system makes correct nordic walking performance possible, which imitates normal walking, because the poles are the right length for your body. Your body becomes clay, that training moulds, not a cliff, which at one point and suddenly gives in and drowns into waves."

Thesis no.3 "The ingenuity of nordic walking is derived primarily from the fact that it mimics the movements of regular walking, additionally engaging and assisting the upper-body with the use of poles. That is how nordic walking achieves its invigorating and aerobic nature, whilst remaining simple to execute. Despite of this the widely known formulas for choosing correct pole length exist as marketing convenience and not guiding information. During walking our elbows never form a 90 degree angle (your height x 0,7 roughly equates to the same result) and nordic walking mimics regular walking. The HECT System solves this issue by integrating the necessary calculations into the adjustment scale so that your height equals your pole length. This enables your body to follow its biomechanics (read: instincts) and mimic regular walking."

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